10 March, 2017

The newest and hottest thing around; Uber Drivers, Uber Choppers, Uber Eats … next we’ll have Uber Child Care or Uber Lawn mowing (wouldn’t the earlier be FAB!!!). Whatever the next Uber may be, it’s getting us all interested and boy oh boy is it convenient!!!

Have you ever wondered what is involved in getting your Uber drive ready for the road? On top of the list of requirements from Uber, one is that the vehicle must be mechanically checked to ensure its safety.

No no, we don’t do the Safety Certificates for these vehicles (although we would definitely like too – smiley face) but in Queensland you only require a Safety Certificate for a sale or transferring of registration (not because you would love the extra cash so you jump into your vehicle and decide to drive some people around).

Uber sets out a list of requirements and policies to become an Uber driver. This ensures the safety of all of the passengers/customers. Read some below, relevant to Queensland;


  • Must be 21 years of age
  • Open drivers license
  • 4 door vehicle
  • No older than 2007
  • Own car

Who would have thought UBER actually has http://uber-marketplace.com.au/welcome/ that can help you organise to rent or buy a car to get going sooner!!

So you’ll see, Uber does endeavour to look after all drivers & customers- be it hungry people or travel savvy people.

Next time you catch an Uber, think of Auto Inspections Queensland for your Safety Certificate (or Roadworthy Certificate). Maybe even drop our name, Auto Inspections Queensland, so the Uber driver can call us for their Safety Certificate when they update their vehicle to a newer one, purely to provide you with more comfort (winky face).


Uber you ROCK!

Bye for now,

The Team at Auto Inspections Queensland

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