Important tips for purchasing a new car!

06 June, 2017

Let’s talk about cars baby, let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things, you should know, lets
talk about cars!

Now I’ve got your attention with a little Salt-n-Pepa impersonation, who Beep Beep! wants a new car!!??

We all do! Beep Beep!

Before you delve into the first aesthetically pleasing motor vehicle you see (or Harley, whatever tickles
your fancy) there are some things you need to know.

Here at Auto Inspections Queensland we like to call them the ‘nitty gritties’. These are things we don’t
really want to do or research, because let’s face it, they are the not so pleasing, time-consuming, bank
draining ‘chores’.

Luckily, Auto Inspections Queensland has your back! We are all about informing & educating the buyer. With
that said, here are some very important tips and links you should undertake before making your next purchase.

Where to find a vehicle? Here are some vehicle dealers we deal with regularly, so we know their stock is
tip top! Just to name a few;

You also have your larger, public trading websites;

Note: or also be a great place to pick up a bargain. But remember “buyer beware”.

If your snatch up a great deal too good to leave behind, be sure to check the following things prior to making your purchase;

Get a Safety Certificate /Roadworthy Certificate; this will ensure that the vehicle is up to the Queensland Safety Standards, implemented by Queensland Transport.

That’s where we come in. Auto Inspections Qld offers a convenient, same day, mobile service at your fingertips. You can find us at

Once you have had your Safety Certificate / Roadworthy Certificate undertaken by Auto Inspections Qld, you should;

Get REVS check; this provides you, the buyer with information regarding any finance owing on the vehicle, encumbrances, kilometre history and information as to the vehicles accident/ repairable write off history.

Vehicle re-sale prices often decrease dramatically should the vehicle have been on the ‘repairable write off register’ or alternatively in a motor accident.

You can have this done for as little as $3.40, depending on the extent of report you are after! Follow this link to the Government website to save big dollars.

Be wary, other sites charge excessively, sometimes in the range of ($20-$150) for the same report.

Check the log book; this will enable you to be satisfied the vehicle has undergone all of it servicing.

A well-maintained car will bring less hassle, repairs & maintenance! If you are unsure, give the servicing mechanic a call to confirm the history. Request the service history directly from them, you can never be too sure.

Check the recommended value of the vehicle you’re looking to purchase; Now you have your Safety Certificate, PPSR check and you’ve satisfied yourself as to the vehicles service history, jump onto to check the recommended value of the vehicle you are purchasing.

Red gives the ‘everyday jo blow’ knowledge of vehicle prices and this gives you bargaining power! A simple click could save you thousands!

HAND OVER THE CASH & drive off into the sunset with your hair blowing in the wind.

All the staff at Auto Inspections Qld love what we do and love spending time informing you, the buyer. Whether you need a mobile Safety Certificate / Roadworthy Certificate or simply have further queries, give us a call on 1300 002 032. We would love to hear your feedback and assist with any questions you have regarding the purchase of your new vehicle or your need for a mobile Safety Certificate.

From the Team at Auto Inspections Qld, enjoy your new ride!

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