All You Need to Know About Caravan Safety and Gas Compliance Certificate

08 May, 2018

In this article, you’ll find out what you need to know about caravan safety and gas compliance certificates in Queensland. Find out when you need a caravan safety certificate, what a gas compliance certificate is and what you need to do to comply with safety requirements.

When you are buying, selling or transferring your caravan, a safety certificate is required. If your caravan has gas permanently fixed, you will also need a gas certificate.

Do I need a safety certificate for my caravan?
In Queensland, a caravan between 750kg-3.5 tonnes (ATM) needs a safety/roadworthy certificate. For caravans under 750kg (ATM), you will not need a safety certificate but will need to complete a Queensland Transport Self Assessment form.

You need a safety certificate in the following circumstances:

  • Buying a caravan or trailer that has never been registered.
  • Moving from another state and transferring registration.
  • Your registration expired over three months ago
  • You are selling or buying a caravan or trailer.

What is ATM Weight?
ATM weight is the caravan’s maximum legal weight when loaded and must not exceed the chassis capacity. It is equal to the sum of the GTM and BM.

Do I need a Gas Compliance Certificate for my caravan?
If your caravan has a permanently fixed gas supply, a gas certificate is required in addition to the safety/roadworthy certificate. This could be a fridge, cooktop or hot water system.

For your caravan to pass the gas safety inspection it must have the following:
Gas in the Gas Bottle:
Check to ensure that the appliance is in good working order and ready for inspection. Ensure that the gas bottle is filled with gas and has not expired.

Two Stage Regulator with Over Pressure Protection (OPP):
A pressure reduction regulator is the safest way to reduce cylinder pressure to a safe level for operating appliances and equipment. Single-stage gas pressure regulators reduce cylinder pressure in one step while two-stage gas pressure regulators reduce cylinder pressure in two steps.

Gas Pressure Test Point:
Your caravan must have a test point installed. This test point is located under the regulator. It allows the user to test that gas is coming through the regulator at reduced pressure.

Gas fitters plate or gas compliance plate:
The caravan must have a gas approval paper or gas compliance plate from a professional licensed gas fitter. A gas system compliance plate shows the history of gas installation and who undertook the work. To find out more about the requirements for installing compliance plates, click here.

Australian Certified Appliances:
Gas appliances must be certified as safe for use in Australia. If you purchased your appliances from overseas, you must ensure that they comply with Australian Certification requirements. It will need Australian compliance for each appliance to pass the inspection along with a compliance plate for the installations.

Check that the gas appliances have AGA or QGA certification badges or QLD Gas Association certification documents. They must comply with Australian Standard AS5601.
AGA Makers Warranty:
AGA Makers Warranty

Caravan Safety Checklist:

  • Identification compliance plate.
  • Tail, stop and clearance lights.
  • Reflectors and indicators.
  • Number plate height, below 1.3 metres.
  • Tyres and spare tyre (in good condition without cracks).
  • Rims.
  • Floors.
  • Bearings and inner bearing seals.
  • Break away system.
  • Brakes – operation and adjustment.
  • Drums, discs.
  • Brake shoes or pads.
  • Handbrake.
  • Suspension.
  • Safety chains.
  • Shock absorbers.
  • Coupling.
  • Load rated D shackles.
  • Underbody, A Frame.
  • Hitch and coupling.
  • Brake components in drum.
  • Jocket wheel.

How long is a Safety or Gas Certificate valid?

  •  For private sellers, safety/roadworthy certificates are valid for two months or 2000 kilometres.
  •  A gas compliance certificate is valid for three months.

Who can issue Safety/Roadworthy Certificates?
Queensland Transport safety/roadworthy certificates can only be issued by Queensland Transport accredited examiners.

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